Info to help with your application to BA Hons Games Design at HSAD.

Portfolio Guide for HSAD Games Design BA.

Should you apply to the Hull School of Art & Design and be successful in gaining an interview, you may wish to consider the inclusion of the following in your Art & Design portfolio, where possible.

1 – A current portfolio of visual material, this may include, but not be limited to:


Project Concept/Development Work, traditional and digital. – See Mini Brief Below

This may include 3D traditional or digital work, and digital and perhaps physical 3D works (large or unwieldy items should perhaps be photographed, if this is the case you should include a second recognizable item within the photo to show scale).

…and if possible:

  • Finished Project Work, both traditional and digital.

Digital works may include digital 3D works, Flash Animations, SketchUp creations and Photoshop creations (Please avoid inclusion of simple Photoshop filter overlays if possible).

2 – Examples of written work, this might include:

  • Essays
  • Project Reflection
  • Critical Analysis/Evaluations

3 – (Ideally or Preferred)

Examples of Traditional Drawing and Art and Design skills, for example.

Conceptual and Practical Design Drawing. – Inc sketchbook work, design sheets, character designs, environment designs and props and vehicle design.

Observational drawing (i.e. from life, not photographs), inc:

  • People (this may include formal Life Drawing)
  • Architecture/public spaces
  • Multiple Objects in combination

3D Sculpt/Maquette making.

  • Dry in air clay (photographs acceptable)
  • Traditional clay (photographs acceptable)
  • Card or paper models (photographs acceptable)
  • …or artifacts created using any other specialist or found materials.

It is entirely possible that you do not come from an art and design background, this is not necessarily prohibitive, but you may still wish to attempt to evidence some of the above work where possible (in most cases a Portfolio Building exercise would have been sent to you, if not please contact G. Sleightholme and Mini-briefs can be provided).

Thank you,

G. Sleightholme. – Lecturer, BA Hons Games Design, HSAD.


Games Designers – Adaptation Mini-Brief (for interview)

Portfolio Builder 001: ‘ADAPTATION’

This project brief will ask you to consider the adaptation of an existing entertainment media product/alternative media product into a mini board game. That origin product could be a story, novel, or an original performance event, opera, stage play, song (or album concept), historic event or myth, radio-play, film (live action) or animation (or other media – just NOT a game).

Board Game visual

You will research and make notes in your “sketchbook/day-book”; these development ideas will be part of your submission. You will need to research the idea, story or theme taken from an existing media in order to understand fully the various elements that will need to be adapted or designed.


You also wish to explore and research existing or prior examples of such adaptations from one media to another that you feel have been successful and alternatively any you feel have failed, making notes and visuals to support your opinions in your “day books/sketchbook”.

Submission of Work

The submission of work will be in the form your finished playable game, plus a sketchbook or day-book with all your developmental ideas, notes and tests and a disk or memory stick with all digital files including a short written summary of your process and intention & a self-appraisal.

Suggested Reading & Resources

Magazines: Create Online, Computer Arts, Digit, Creative Review, ImagineFX etc


The module reflects upon current industrial practice in terms of working methods and specific commercial client-led requirements

Teaching & Learning Methods

This module is to be carried out independently away from the college facility as a form of initial assessment of the students current level of learning and commitment.


The project will be assessed at interview.

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